Decorating whilst dodging the showers


Hi All,

For those of us trying to do exterior property maintenance in Essex and the South East, it's been a stinker of a week.

Trying to keep to a decorating schedule with the sudden local climate change has been impossible. Not least because the trusted BBC weather forecast has been, at best, unreliable. Our little team of 3 has been working on a large domestic property in Leigh and drizzle and showers have been testing our patience and male-bonding skills, as we squeeze together in the front of the van for up to 2 hours a day. The photo is a front elevation snap, showing the state of wood deteriation prior to our endeavours. If we get a couple of dry days this week I hope to show you the finished product.

If it keeps raining, I may practice my diving skills in my flooded back garden. I reckon I can get some great tips from the Man U. website!

Until next time

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