Finishing the exterior decor and focusing on interior painting & wall papering, not to mention the kitchen re-fits


Hi All,

Phew! Just about finished the big outsides now (see apex re-furbish pic). Just a few little jobs to go before we'll be, exclusively, doing interior decorating. Back on the listed buildings to redec and replace the guttering on the little cottage in Shenfield, shown in the picture the other week. Last week we also undertook the painstaking task of the nine stages involved in the painting all the wooden doors and shelves in the kitchen shown with before and after photos. It's given us an appetite for the total kitchen replacement and decorating we'll be doing in Braintree next month. I'd like to think, these days we're as versatile and well-travelled as the entire cast of "Auf Wiedersehen, Pet"! 

Till next time, my little P & B Decor anoraks......

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